These games for Android are reduced for a limited time

Play-StoreSummer is probably the best time of year to enjoy our free time, and an Android smartphone with a good handful of the best games installed can be a great ally.

And precisely today, we are in luck. Scuba diving through the app store, we were able to find 5 games for our favorite operating system, which for a short time will be able to download with high discounts concerning its original price, and even some of them, totally free.

These 5 games for Android are on offer for a short time

Infinity Dungeon Evolution

A game of RPG style that puts us in the skin of an explorer in charge of discovering the secrets of a mysterious dungeon full of enemies, who will have to defeat getting different skills and collecting objects and weapons.

The Secret Order 4 (Full)


In this case, we find a puzzle game in which you will have to find hidden objects in different places until you unravel the mystery of Sarah, trapped in the past because of a time machine.

Eventide 2 (Full)


Another game of the same creators of the previous, and with the same mechanics. However, in this case, will have to unveil the story of a botanist who embarks on the quest to rescue his niece from the clutches of a mysterious sorcerer named Tvardovsky.

Table Tennis Touch

Probably one of the best table tennis games for Android. At the graphic level, as well as controls and different game modes, Table Tennis Touch is proclaimed the number 1 in this field, and a real test that confirms it is its 4.5 stars in Google Play, added to the Medal of “Selection of editors”.

Bronze Age

Finally, we find a strategy game set in ancient Mesopotamia, in which our mission is to build a city as big as possible, consisting of buildings, homes, libraries and even pyramids.

Since the duration of these offers is limited, we recommend downloading the applications as soon as possible, so you do not miss the opportunity to get them for a price that is much lower than the original price.

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