Soon you will be able to capture the legendary first Pokémon GO


Pokémon GO has just completed its first year. The famous Pokémon game augmented caused a furor with its arrival last summer. An application that came with all the forces of the world, however, little by little it was losing players, and its popularity was quite reduced.

Still the Niantic continue their work, and lately, we have seen some news that will integrate the summer phenomenon of 2016. Without going any further, appeared the raids, a way in which coaches must join forces to defeat the Pokémon more Powerful, and most recent, the official arrival of Legendary Pokémon.

And not only new features within the game, but also with their accessories, such as the ring they launched in Japan as a device to pick up objects from the stops and capture Pokémon from your finger, without needing to take out the smartphone.

Pokémon Go Fest, the first real video game event

A little over a month ago we met the news of the first real-life Pokémon GO event. A festival that was announced by Niantic on a website created for the event, where we could register to receive all the news of the meeting.

The concentration will take place in Chicago on July 22, although, as already announced, tickets were available from June 19. Logically there are no tickets for everyone, and thousands of users have stayed with the desire to attend, but rest assured, there is a solution.

Apparently, the event will be broadcast live throughout the day, and we can enjoy it on YouTube and Twitch. And that’s not all, and we will be able to participate in the event as there will be catching challenges, where all trainers outside of Chicago will be able to join those present at the event and unlock global rewards.

What’s more, Niantic itself has confirmed that the first Legendary Pokémon will appear in Grant Park during the festival, but only if enough Pokémon is achieved during the challenges. And apparently if you defeat that beast, Legendary Raid Battles will expand worldwide on July 23, so do not hesitate to see the event and share your skills with other trainers to get the Pokémon as soon as possible Legendary.

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