Imagine you are Liza, a young woman with high ambitions, entering college for the first time; full with dreams and fears. In your first class, you meet a person who wounded up being your best friend in college and beyond. Sarah.
You and Sarah do everything together: cry, fight, argue, smile, and laugh. The two of you are practically inseparable. After college however, both of you get on with your lives, and the promise you guys made to remain best friends in your final months of college slowly dies out. One day, you find out that Sarah has been missing for a couple of months, and her last known location was headed towards the remote, snowy, mountain range called Mirka. No one really knows much about Mirka.

Shocked, and feeling guilty for not talking to Sarah for so long, you travel out to Mirka in hopes of finding your once best friend. Once you are in Mirka however, it’s painfully obvious that something’s not right. As you slowly make progress in finding Sarah, you get the feeling that someone is watching you, that your every step is being followed. Ultimately, the true strength of your friendship with Sarah is tested against the dark, mysterious, and perplexing presence that lives on Mirka.

Mirka is a narrative rich game of discovery and choice. Uncover the mystery behind the the land of Mirka, the people that live there, and a dangerous secret only a select few know. Play as Liza (Elizabeth Hunter) as you join your fellow agent and long time mate Sarah Moore on an expedition that will test your friendship, excite your curiosity, challenge the foundations of authority and change the lives of Mirkans forever. Mirka is slated to release in early January 2017, onto XBLA, PSN, and Steam.